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Pioneering Out-of-Home 

Posterscope is the world’s leading Out-of-Home communications agency and location expert. It knows more about what people think, feel and do out of home. Posterscope translates this understanding into compelling, creative and quantifiable Out-of-Home solutions through its investment in data, technology and people, which make a meaningful difference to clients’ businesses.

Pimm’s O’Clock

To keep Pimm’s O’Clock top of mind, and drive on trade sales, in an increasingly competitive environment, Posterscope UK, Carat and Liveposter created an innovative real-time digital OOH campaign which activates when the temperature reaches 16 degrees Celsius, serves dynamic content, measures ‘pub’ occupancy and directs consumers to “the best place in the local area to enjoy a Pimm’s”. 

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The most ambitious dynamic projects ever seen in the OOH space

To promote Microsoft Lumia’s personal assistant, Cortana, Posterscope UK and Carat executed THE most ambitious dynamic projects ever seen in the OOH space.  The campaign sought to reach a tech-savvy audience in specific environments with contextually relevant or engaging messaging using a number of pre-selected data sources such as weather, travel and location data, which triggered bespoke massaging to that environment and location. Across the campaign over 10,000 tailored creative executions were shown in key locations across the country and 241 unique content posters that changed in real-time.

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Project Everyone: Sharing the UN’s sustainable Development goals

In what aims to become the world’s largest ever advertising campaign, the Posterscope network partnered with Project Everyone, the brainchild of filmmaker and Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis.  Project Everyone aims to share the UN’s sustainable Development goals , a series of ambitious targets to put an end to extreme poverty and tackle climate change for everyone by 2030, with seven billion people over seven days across an extensive range of platforms including digital OOH screens.  Posterscope and 125 media partners delivered over 146,000 screens in 450 cities, across 28 different countries.

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For Coca Cola, Posterscope USA and Carat launched an interactive digital billboard in Times Square to celebrate the meaning, stories, and things-you-didn’t-know behind each of our names. What’s In A Name, an evolution of the hugely successful Share A Coke campaign, asked visitors to Times Square to tweet their first name with ‪#‎CokeMyName to have a story about their name broadcast on the one of the largest digital formats in NYC. A camera on a nearby building automatically took a photo of the digital billboard and tweeted this image back. Name facts and stories are derived from a real-time algorithm that is powered by historical Google data. 

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St Pauli Klubhouse

For the launch of the 700m2 St Pauli Klubhouse Digital screen, Posterscope Germany, the exclusive partner, worked with launch partners Mondelez (Milka) and Sonos to create a spectacular media and lighting show. 

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