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Ideas without Limits

Isobar is a global digital agency of 6,500 people across 45 markets, united by our mission to transform businesses, brands and people’s lives with the creative use of digital.   Informed by our consultancy practice, we deliver digital transformation, solving complex business challenges through our marketing, ecosystems and products & services offering.  Isobar has won over 300 awards in 2017 including Asia-Pacific Digital Network of the Year.  Key clients include Coca-Cola, adidas, Enterprise, P&G, Philips and Huawei.

An experience revolutionising car buying online.

Isobar created a way for users to go to a car dealership without leaving home. Only at the Fiat Live Store users have a guided-tour with an expert introducing every car, totally live. The experts use a camera that gives the users an inside-the-car-feeling, without leaving their desktops. In the end, users can schedule a test drive in the nearest Fiat seller.

A whole new way to share music

We put the 50 most catchiest lyrics of China's most famous songs on 1 billion Coke bottles. These animated musical clips, designed specifically to be shareable in social media, created a whole new way to consume music - the shareable musical soundbite.

This Image Bank Features Only Photos of People With Cancer

Photos for Life is an online image bank that contains only photography of cancer sufferers and survivors. It was created by Isobar Poland for charity Rak n Roll Win Your Life Foundation, with all profits going to support therapy for cancer patients.

Whipping into shape NBC’s convergent premium fitness brand

Radius marks an exciting evolution in the fitness industry as Isobar and NBC Universal make trainer-led workouts accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time by leveraging media platforms, technology and partnerships.

Giving Royal Caribbean International's four million annual guests the first day of their vacation back

Our US team helped Royal Caribbean revolutionize the cruise industry with an all-new cruise planning tool that says, no, to waiting in lines and, yes, to planning online.